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Quad Count (they all count)


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You can never have to many Revs, you always need just one more. 

1- FV Pro

1-Mid Pro

1-Std Pro

1-Xtra Vent 


1-NYM - std


1- XX Reflex 

1- RX 1.5

1- RX Spider 

1- 1.5 mid 

1- 1.5 

1- EXP

1-B- std 

1- Shook 100% #188

2- "Who Dat"  Revs a friend made 


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Thus far...
2- Rev2
1- Rev 1.5 B-series Full-vent custom black rainbow
1- Rev 1.5 B-series STD lime/black/white
1- Rev 1 pink/blue Edmond-vented
1- Freilein Vertigo STD 50 shades of grey
1- NTK Spirit (my first quad and now a wall decoration)

I know I'm not done. Still want mid vent and several others. Bazzer Pro for sure.
Waiting on the "next big thing".
Must try Fulcrum.

My name is Sean/Deke and I'm a QUAD ADDICT

Sent from my SM-T817V using KiteLife mobile app

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32 minutes ago, happysuperbutton said:

Are these sniping lists? :P:lol: :P I now know who to talk to about any given qlk I might be interested in down the road... Just kidding.

Rev 1.5b mid

Actually, yes. Those who have duplicates and don't fly them often may be willing to part with them. Ask those you meet on the field.

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First post here in a while.  Last year I bought my first Quad, a full sail Freilein Exodus.  I spent a few months flying it when free time and wind were available at the same time and I started getting pretty good at the basics.  I cracked a frame tube (center tube on LE), probably the result of one too many "high speed landings" during my earlier attempts.  It actually failed when the kite was flying, but I think it must have been weakened.  As a result I wasn't doing any flying.  I just ordered a replacement rod, a new Freilein Exodus Max and a 120' line set.  I'll be ready to get back in the saddle shortly.  Still very happy with the quality of the Freilein kite.  I'm pretty certain the rod failure was due to multiple crashes and not anything inherently wrong with the frame.  I think I'm going to get a ferrule and epoxy it into the broken rod just to keep it around for a spare.

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Time to update my numbers

 12 Revs

  •     Shook Mesh 75% #214
  •     Shook Mesh 40% #206
  •     RWB Trifinity,
  •     Rainbow Trifinity,
  •     Skulls,
  •     B-series Custom Full Sail,
  •     Full Vent SLE, (Lime Black)
  •     SUL Old Glory,
  •     SUL Ghost
  •     Full set of B-Pros (Full Sail, Mid-Vent and Full Vent) (inbound)

6 Freilein Vertigos (4 in a stack plus  a full sail and a Max  all of them are Red White & Blue)
2 Freilein Exodus (one full sail and one Mid Vent) Both the Cool Color Scheme
1 knockoff (it was a gift)
 13 home-mades

  •  2 RWB Full Sails
  •  5 The Spectrum Stack
  •  1 Yellow
  •  1 Purple
  •  1 Plaid RWB
  •  1 RWB Mesh
  •  1 Mesh #2 Yellow Green Blue Black
  •  1 Mesh #1 Blue Black Lime

4 converted HQ Symphony 2.2.4's
1 HQ Mojo

Power Kites:
3 HQ Crossfires 2,3,& 4M
1 8M Toxic
1 2M Hornet
1 2.8 Skydog
1 4.5 Flexifoil Bullet
1 3.5 Flexifoil Blurr

total 47 Quadline Kites
8 of those are true power kites.

Not Counted as of this time (i.e. Under Construction)
New Spectrum Stack. 10 kites.
New RWB Mesh (Panels Completed)
New Purple Full Sail (Panels Completed)
New Yellow Full Sail (Panels Completed)

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Except for the Pros, it's not a vastly different number from the original post.. Wait'll I finish sewing what's on the table.. The number will go up quickly then..


Oh, I forgot to mention the 2 piece Indigo and Yellow Home Made..  New Number 48 Kites..

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@photomom I know the "hakuhata toru" was a special edition. At the time they came out I was in no position to get one but, I absolutely love the moon dots, think thats what it was... for me, the most beautiful quad I've ever seen. Looking high and low for one, yours is the only one on the list unless I'm missing something.

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18 hours ago, whtmtn said:

My little list but first@riffclown how fast are you making these quads??? Everytime I look you're adding more!!!
1.5 full
1.5 mid
B2 full
2 rev 1's
2 quadrifoils
short but sweet

@whtmtn my personal record is 5 kites in a week but the machine has been mostly idle for the past month.

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[mention=10932]whtmtn[/mention] my personal record is 5 kites in a week but the machine has been mostly idle for the past month.
@riffclown i do hope you spend more time flying than building. however i have watched with interest (ok i'll admit it sometimes real anticipation) the builds turn out, and i'm never disappointed.
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OSK/Freilein Exodus Max

OSK/Freilein Exodus Standard

OSK/Freilein Exodus Mid

Rev Reflex XX

Rev 1.5 B Standard

Rev 1.5 B Mid Vent

Rev 1.5 B Full Vent

Rev 1.5 SLE

Rev Reflex 1.5 RX

Rev Reflex 1.5 RX Spider


It looks so bad when I write it all out :(

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I visited my son over the halloween weekend,... down in Gainesville, FL

Benjamin's kites:

1. home built Rev 1.5 knock-off,... my first build project, a category winner at Smithsonian Kite fest for 1st place in sport kite novice!

2. Bazzer Pro mid-vent with sticks and a french bridle on Race or 3wraps

3. Bazzer pro SUL with sticks and a french on a diamond travel frame or 2 wraps

4. Indoor Rev

5. a Rev 2


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Added 1 new hybrid indoor/XSUL crafted by Eliot Shook from Dave Ashworth's original 3rd generation design,... kinda' Blast sized quad but framed for indoors.  I'm creating the bridle and doing the tuning/adjusting/modifications so it's "fun mission"!  I'm hoping to unveil it at SPI in February.





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