Emergency Sleeving Kit Video

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Sleeving kits are essential to routine line maintenance and repair but sometimes you want to fix it very quickly and finish you day of flying.

E.S.K. takes only a few minutes to make in advance and can be applied in the field in about 1 minute. Equalize and enjoy the rest of your day. For some that do not sleeve lines this will almost be a joke but I prefer to have my lines sleeved, especially for my power kites and stacks.. I keep 8-10 of these in my trouble bag all the time so I can sleeve a full quad set in the field if needed.. It's still a good idea to keep a sleeving kit with you but the E.S.K. can save you a few minutes of downtime on a great day of flying..

Excellent donor materials are bridle line, Q-Line, Venetian mini blind cord.. You can also use this concept to pull loops of line through regular sleeving or cord like Muzzy Bowfishing line to have the colors you want ready and handy.

Cut about 13" of the cord.

Push out a small nib of core and tie an overhand knot.

Go to the other end and push out about 2" of core.

Tie it off and separate the core to preserve only one of the twisted components and discard the rest.

Place an overhand knot in the remaining core strands. This will become your pull eye..

To implement in the field.. Untie the "pull eye" end and run your line through the strands..

Untie the other nib end and use the core to pull the kite line through your new sleeve..

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