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    • By Airfx
      For Sale.... Joel Scholz Neptune II framed with Sky Shark p200. Excellent condition. Signed and dated by Joel. I do not have the original bag for it but it does come with a nice canvas sleeve. This kite grabs attention! Asking $200 or best offer including shipping in the US.

    • By SpiegZ
      Looking for an original JAWS by Sky Delight.... joel K
    • By Trip
      Hi Everyone,
      Well, once again, I'd like to see if anyone might have a JS Hummingbird that they might be willing to sell. Has to be the vintage Joel Sholz Sky Delight Kites Hummingbird.
      I'm not rich and it doesn't have to be pristine. 
    • By Airfx
      I have a rare Joel Scholz Sky Delights "Jaws II" dual line kite for sale. This is absolutely a collectors item. Not many of them around anymore. This kite is also signed by Joel (pictured) on 4/14/97. Here are the specs for the kite:
      Status - Out of Production
      Skill Level - Intermediate to Expert
      Sail - .75 ounce Ripstop Nylon
      Frame - P2 SkyShark
      Dimensions - 90-3/4"W X 40-1/2"H
      Weight - 11 ounces
      Advertised Wind Range - 3 to 27 mph
      Made in the USA
      I have flown this kite a few times and it flies great. Grabs attention on the beach for sure. Its a pretty loud kite in moderate wind. Its ready for a new home and a new sky. Asking $150 because its rare. Ill accept offers however. Includes free shipping in the US. Payment via PayPal. 

    • By Trip
      I've mentioned this before, but what the heck.... I've been looking for a JS Hummingbird since the earth cooled. If you have a JS Hummingbird you'd be willing to part with, I'd like to discuss a possible trade for a JS Neptune, trade and possible cash or buy it out right, if the price is right.

      The Neptune is by Joel Scholz and Sky Delight Kites
      (#670 - Dated: 2/10/1992 - Signed: Joel Scholz)
      In very good shape, non-smoker, no stains, crisp sail, connectors have been changed to APA connectors (orig connectors kept).

      It can be seen at http://rhilliard.net/kites.htm
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