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Why is it when a new ,or new to you kite or accessories arrives the weather knows and dishes out exactly the opposite of what you "need"?

I just got shameless sticks, sissy,magic and gusts over forty almost every day, or thunder and lightning .........

Cmon Mother Nature ! I need to fly 🤙🏻



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Yup that's what happens... The other is when the kite arrives, the conditions are perfect and you have something else that gets in the way of flying......and then when you have the time...the weather says nope.....

Both of these scenarios happened within a couple of days about a week and a half ago when the weather was flip flopping.....raining now as well....go figure.

Like the old ketchup commercial.....anticipation.....


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… and now for a happy tale.
I just recently got my hands on two new kites. A full vent phantom 1.5 and the vented Polo Rev just in time for a short 4 day trip to Dewey DE. Lucky for me the weather was such that I never had to breakout my old beat up EXP. 4 days of perfect 15 mph winds with strong gusts.
Now, back to the city with crappy winds and limited space.
Thank you beach gods.

Here is one of the few videos I shot.

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Hey, miracles happen!, .... vented kites at the 1st Sunday fly.  We started as ZenSUL, then full sails& midvents, switched to Shooks 75 & 135%, Polos and full vents, mostly on green race thruout the day.  Easy lessons with the sail filled with energy, crowds most appreciative when team flying.  A group came up to Melissa and asked if she was in charge of the WoW team, since she was leading,... should've seen her facial expression.  I caught Burka leading and in forward flight too (natl holiday declared!

enjoy that windy moment buddy, its rare!

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7 hours ago, Jhsidekick said:

In western Colorado, if it is ever good, solid wind for flying kites, as soon as we get out kites in the air, the wind disappears and we won't see the wind for another three days. 

Just west of Chicago, ditto.

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