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A sad day for Kitelife...

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From David Gomberg:

It is difficult for me to write all of you with this devastating news.

Mike Gillard died unexpectedly earlier today.

His family found him at home. They believe he suffered a heart attack.

As you know, Mike was one of the pillars of AKA and a major contributor to making contemporary kiting what it is today.In addition to being the driving force behind the new Kiting Magazine, he has chaired our Sport Kite Committee, was principle architect in the development of our sport kite rules and the center spoke of the global cooperation in sport kite competition. Mike was Chief Judge for the World Sport Kite Championships last year, and was scheduled to serve as Chief Judge at the new international completions in Weifang China this April. He was a dear, dear friend.

I'm in touch with the family and will get you news about further support.


Lift a glass tonight to a good guy who worked hard to spread the joy.


- post-1-1141160469_thumb.jpg - post-1-1141160481_thumb.jpg -

Many of you know, Mike was the founder of Kitelife... A good friend of mine for many years now, and a former teammate on the World Cup team Captain Eddie's Flying Circus in 1997.

I'm a bit speechless at the moment, but wanted to pass this on through our forum.

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I was introduced to Mike at Worlds last Summer... I had heard of him, knew about him but only just begun to know him. I know how much he meant to many of you...

My thoughts to his family and the friends that will miss him.


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Mike was one of the first people I met at my first AKA convention in Billings. He was incredibly warm and welcoming. He greeted me in exactly the same manner every time our kite worlds crossed after that. Today the world seems cold and not so friendly. He will be missed.


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