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SOLD - Skydog kite bag 6 ft

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Seriously? konsman? And you expect someone to buy from you? That's funny!

Not being mean or cruel or downgrading you. I just find the combo amusing. It's definitely worth the laugh to me. Thanks, you made my day!

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  • konsman changed the title to SOLD - Skydog kite bag 6 ft
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      Without feeling that I put wrinkles in the sail of any of my kites, I could fit eight kites, lines and some other kite gear inside the tube. However this excluded the sleeves.
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      This concrete casting paper tube is strong enough to stand on. It does give a somewhat bulkier feel than than carrying the kites without the tube, but dependent on the context the peace of mind can be worth it. Some non-fragile non-kiting items could be transported between the ski bag and the tube. Each end plug was made of two circles from a thin wooden plank and was secured with tape.
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