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I have #3 of 14 of the same batch of kites.  I received it in a trade a little while back.  It is a beauty.  My intention was to get it as a back up to my heavily flown standard 4D.  The 4D is a wonderful kite that will allow you to fly most anytime & anyplace.  Some say it is a bit twitchy & not for them.  But if you put in some time with this kite it will improve your flying of most any other dualie.  But that's just my thoughts from out here in the sticks.  SHBKF

climbing high on short lines & no wind


gliding out to gain ground



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That thought has crossed my mind...to learn with the 4D with little to no wind. Then flying other kites would be easier given the wind conditions. 

I just don't want to break it, like one of my other ones I seem to not be able to keep in the air. 


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If you don't have a lot of experience with duals, you might consider a more robustly built kite to learn with like a Prism Quantum. Both the Kymera and the 4D, although very well made, are not intended to take the abuse that a beginner can dole out. They are both really awesome kites, and if you get the hang of tricking duals, you will probably own one of each in the future.....

Just saying. 

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