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Mid vent a must have or a want?

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If your are on a budget then a Std and Full Vent would be the most economical set up. There is a bit of cross over in their wind range with framing. However, if your usual winds don't go up that high then a Mid would see more action.

What are the wind conditions that you fly in?

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green-race equipped mid-vent is good to about 18 or 20 mph, after that you'd need a beefier frame and fully vented sail to slow down the savage beast.

most of us start with a full sail and full vent, maybe a couple of extra frames also, to increase the "cross-over" abilities, for example a flexible frame in the full vent or a stiff in the full sail.

maybe even a blending of the two, for a hybrid frame?,... (even easier if they are "travel frame sized" to mix and match based upon conditions and your preferences).

We all have at least three kites eventually: a full sail, a mid and a vented, that is about a thousand bucks new. Or you could just buy two kites (but still spend the same amount of money, getting a an SUL full sail and Shook mesh 75%.)  Then you have a vehicle choice between about 2 mph and 30.  The Shook is double the price but also doubled up on the wind range,... you get what you pay for more often than not!

Used or entry level is okay if that's all you can afford.  I'm in a local kite club (WoW), we'd prefer you join, use our stuff and saving your lunch money for two summers, then finally by an EXPERT kite, made just for you,.... your fabric choice & colors, your design pattern, crafted for your preferred wind-range, heck even your own preferred builder to take the concept to execution.  If you are with our club long enough and you will be expected to provide lessons and loaner kites too.  

The weakest flyer on the line gets to fly everyone's kite for a few moments and compare, then choose that one as theirs for the day based upon preferences.  That kite's lucky owner gets to go set-up another kite for themselves.  Someday soon, when they look down the line realizing "I'm not the weakest flier & have to have my own stuff".  That might take 4 hours or fourteen months.  With all this experience, drafting a wish list is easy, then consult us for guidance and pull the trigger.  You know we will be forming a line to try-out your new customized ride, right?


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now all the advises are good depending of your skills.  If you have the skills then mid-vent is ok till the wind is hard enough before to break the frame, lines ore to overpower your movement in controlling the kite. all are finally depending by the wind and gusts you want to use in specifically fly sessions and do not forget about that crazy rare days when you will need a Rev II ore extra-vent 

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Google the recorded wind speeds in your area for each day/month of the year. Choose the one that will give you the most possible days to fly. Ninety percent of the time, the standard/fullvent combo is the way to go, but if the wind tends to stay under 20mph a vast majority of the time, then a midvent may be in order. 

If you really get into quads it doesn't really matter. You will eventually have at least one sail for all possible conditions. The only restriction is how much you can afford to spend. At any festivals you go to there will be other Rev flyers who will be more than happy to let you fly their kites. It you can wait and try theirs you can make an informed decision, and the flyers in your area can fill you in on what will work in your area. There is literally a ton of active flyers in the Washington/Oregon area. Look them up and join them on the field.

Also, moving the top lines further out away from the handles will help dramatically with control during gusts.

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On 7/21/2017 at 5:04 AM, TeamLowBudget44 said:

Should I add a full or mid vent first to my standard?

I made that decision recently - having a standard sail and choosing between a mid or a full vent. I opted for a full vent (it is being shipped now) without comparing wind ranges of different QLKs to the most common local winds. I instead considered the wind range of my DLK collection. That consists of kites for medium and low winds - no vented kites at all. I hope that QLK full vent is a way to do kiting on windy days without getting a workout (which can be quite fun b.t.w. with e.g. a Fazer XL), damage the kite or not being able to control it. I also intend to experiment with covering one of the vent pairs to create a mid vent.

The approach I imagine is to use sheets of cellophane or ripstop to cover the vents. The tape would be of the type for construction site polyethene/polyethylene sheets. When not used the covers would be stored attached to a plastic sheet. That tape has never left any residues for me and never aged though I have had patches of the tape on the wall for years (for the purpose of reusing them), but I would need to verify it usefulness for kiting. Any better ways here?

My background: I'm into dual line kites and have used my standard QLK sail a bit less than ten times. The only framed quad I've seen so far or tested is that standard sail.

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i have tried to cover one vent to a full with ripstop 31 but just Velcro with tape is not working. Velcro is moving a bit when you fly and the trail of glue is collecting all kind of derbies from sand to small pieces of wood.to clean them is a nightmare. the best way is the Velcro to be sewing to the sail.i do not know about the tape you speak but tape must to be strong enough to keep the patch on place and if is easy to apply at the fly site that will be a good starting point. for sure you will buy soon a mid to.will follow other no doubt 

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