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It ain't me, it's you...

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I'll answer to quad & weird.. OK Mostly weird.. You set the tone we just follow your lead..Having met you in person for a few days, I see your personality and mindset all across the forums.. You've planted a good seed and let it grow.. You now reap the benefits of what you set in motion.. Thanks for a great place to discuss this wonderful hobby of ours.


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Here here fiffclown , jb little did you know when you started you would build a globule family of people that may never have the opportunity to meat each other and yet feel they have known each other for many a year , happy and eager to help both the new and old to the forum , each post is met with friendly advice and guidance, this truly is a place that age ,race , colour, nationality or religion have no meaning and matter not , we are all here to share our love of flying and to help others all thanks to yourself JB

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Wow , your THE John Barresi!! I have seen a whole  bunch of your videos online. Thank you for all your expertise that you share!

I am just starting out , kites are on the way, but your videos and this site have been an inspiration!!! The folks on this site have been welcoming , and I even found a local member that has offered to mentor me!!

Another kite guy from an audio site decided to gift me a stunt kite if I pay shipping. Are you kidding me? These are the kinds of people I want to fly with.

I’m very humbled by everyone’s generosity in this community. I can’t wait to get my new kites in the sky. 

Thanks for all you do for the sport!!


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Yeah, that Barresi guy will fly his kite on your grass. Gotta watch out for him. You never know where he'll pop up next. Next thing you know you'll be flying a kite with him and having a cold one after. Run when you see him. He's the kite pusher man. (insert Steppenwolf tune here) You know I smoked a lot of kites, oh Lord I . . . and you won't believe you're on the eve of destruction.

Seriously, though, yup that's the one. And he'll fly with you. It's a whole lot easier than getting a game of horse with Michael Jordan, and asking him to help you with your shooting and dribbling. Get comfy, you're family.

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