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I downloaded the kitelife app today and got the same message as the others when I tried to view posts. I downloaded the tapatalk app to see if that worked but the same happened till I used tapatalk then view through the internet option from tapatalk.  android btw. I know little about this sort of stuff.

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Just confirming, this is only occurring via the app(s)?  (TapaTalk / KiteLife)

Anyone experiencing issues logging in using normal web browsers?
If so, mobile and desktop both, or just one?

My initial suspicion is that TapaTalk hasn't yet updated their app for the latest version of our forum software.

Let me know, thanks all for your interest and patience! :)

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Aye, sometimes mobile browser (Chrome, etc) gives issues with uploads which I usually solve by taking a screenshot of the image (thereby making it smaller) and uploading that... Othewise, it's off to the desktop, Tapatalk or KL app.

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17 minutes ago, JWharton said:

Hi all, is anybody else having issues downloading video tutorials?

Is this via the app, mobile browser or desktop?

The app is definitely not ideal (or compatible) for things like downloads, the shop and a few other sections of the forum - it is primarily designed for forum interaction, specifically.

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