FS: 4 revs, bag, linesets and extras

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Hey guys posting this for Tommy Chidester who used to frequent the San Diego area but now is in Venice/Santa Monica. I have had the pleasure of flying with Tommy daily for the past month, unfortunately due to some health issues and his living situation Tommy needs to sell these kites.  All are in good condition, although I think a small piece of the venting is tearing on the leading edge of one of the vented kites. For the price of  $1000 + shipping you will receive: 


1 exp (this is a special one with only 3 icarex panels, this was given to him by Joe Hadzicki  himself)

b series mid vent 

b series full vent

super blast 2.4

Various assorted line sets (at least 6, most laserpro), awesome fat carbon handles, kite stakes, a kite bag (zipper works) 

More complete album here:


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Hey guys I pieced this out a little bit and have sold most of it so this can be closed.

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