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SOLD: New 2017 Freilein Exodus Std & Mid Vent Quadline Kites -FINAL REDUCTION

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I purchased these Freilein Exodus Std & Mid Vent Quads in May/June of this year. Both are brand new & unflown. Both are 2017 models in the Cool colors scheme (purple/dk blue/mid blue/blk) & feature the round holes in the leading edge instead of mesh. Also included is the UL T-0 frame for the Std model to fly in lighter winds. Everything was purchased from the dealer that sells Freilein. I am selling these 2 kites because I purchased 3 of Lam's ABS kites (UL, Std, Mid Vent) & fell in love flying them. 

Freilein Exodus Std & sleeve + UL T-0 frame (2 frames)

Freilein Exodus Mid Vent & sleeve                     


PayPal accepted.

Mid - full.jpg

Mid - partial.jpg


Std - full.jpg

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nice kites but...brand new are 430$,not even Exodus Max is not going to 540$ from the right "dealer who sell Freilein" 

sorry for spoiling 

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Unless this dealer has lowered its pricing, an Exodus Std goes for $215 & the Exodus Mid Vent goes for $245, plus the additional UL T-0 frame for the standard sells for $80. That's what I payed in May/June of this year. If they can be had for less, brand new, I can adjust as well.

Both of the kites I'm selling are brand new & never flown.

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Kites received well packed, in great order and exactly as described..

Thank you!

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    • By riffclown
      So today i had a short opportunity to fly my new Freilein Vertigo and Vertigo Max kites. Winds were around 8-10 MPH and directions shifting a bit, but i was able to fly both kites for a short period of time. To keep my impressions absolutely fair, I used my handles and lines from my Rev and kept the same handle knot settings initially so it could be a direct comparison..
      Disclaimer, This is my opinion and my opinion only.. your Mileage may vary. The Freilein Kites were from the onset initially very brake heavy (like a Paul LeMasters tuning Brake Heavy) but I tuned in the flying line 2 knots and it was very much like what I'm personally more used to for my Revs.. That being said, if i closed my eyes and just felt the sensations through the handles, the Vertigo was extremely close to having my Rev 1.5 sail on the end of the lines. Hovering inverted was very close to the same touch as my Rev sails.. I'm sure someone more in tuned to their kites than me could probably tell a difference but I couldn't. Frame material felt to be somewhere between a 2 and 3 Wrap in stiffness and performance. The LE sleeve on the sail is not oversized and would not accept a SLE frame easily if at all.. I can't see anyone trying in the first place..
      Once the wind picked up a bit I changed out the kite to the Vertigo Max. It was at the low end of the wind range for the Max but I wanted to get the sail in the air. Like the Full Sail, I'm sure it would have seemed brake heavy at first if I hadn't adjusted the handles already for the full sail. It didn't fly like a Vented Rev or like a Shook Weave. It flew like something in between.  Same basic responsiveness but the feel was more like flying a full sail in lighter wind.. I did like the similarity there though. 
      I did remember to take my Go Pro cameras.. I didn't however remember to install the SD memory so I didn't get footage today.. I will record some soon before I stack out the full sails..
      Here's a few pics from the Gallery when I first got them.. More pics and footage soon.. Will post it all here..

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