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On 8/26/2017 at 6:27 PM, kevmort said:

Ok so I found a new audience last week emoji4.pngIMG_3657.JPG

Which makes me think of the recent topic http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/8228-general-publics-reaction-to-kites/, especially these unpolite cows then indulge in eating while you are busy piloting! :) Otherwise I thought UK cows were of a particular curious breed. This summer when in Sidmouth (Devon, UK) along one of many public foot paths (actually someone's will a long time ago also turned nicely placed areas into areas where the public was allowed). At the start of the DLK session I was worried that I might upset the cows in the neighboring pasture. After all our kite ambassadorship extends all the way into the pastures IMO. The fear that the cows would get upset was much exaggerated  - they moved towards the gate to get a better view!. Talking of fear, these cows that I had passed several times during kiting sessions I later heard, had one bull walking among them...


Teaming up with their buddies to see some kite sporting.


Trying to get the best view possible.


I wonder if cows to some extent can appreciate a view like this. The mini photo to the right/down is a "close up" of one of the kite eating/wearing stone beaches. In the background, walking on the beach, you can "see" my wife.


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