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1. Prism 25th Avviersary Quantum Radian Special Edition - Flown just a handful of times and is in excellent condition. 

Kite comes with:

  • Dyneema 85' 150# lines w/ straps
  • Dyneema 85' 100# lines w/ straps
  • Dyneema 85' 50# lines w/ straps
  • 2 40' Nylon tails. One is Orange and one in Purple, both match the kite
  • 16ft Led Kite Tail 

All of this was roughly $200 including tax. Looking for $150 Includes shipping to CONUS. 


Wing Span: 84"
Wind Range: 3–25 MPH
Frame: .098 Pultruded Carbon
Lower Spreaders: Putruded Carbon
Upper Spreader: Pultruded Carbon
Sail: Ripstop Nylon & Mylar Laminate
Assembled Weight: 15.3oz (435g.)


2. Premier Osprey. Small hole that has been repaired with transparent repair tape. $30 including shipping to CONUS


Let me know if more pics are needed.






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3 hours ago, windwarrior said:

Wow! That was short lived.

Ya, I came to the realization today that this hobby is just not for me. I try to fly there's too many people, I try to fly wind is too high, I try to fly wind is too low. And today, to top it all off, I put a hole in the brand new kite that I just purchased, a kite that hasn't even been flown yet. So that was the straw that broke it. Ive been at this for two months and have had maybe 2 or 3 quality fly times, and that is certainly not for a lack of trying. So this hobby has become more frustrating than it is relaxing, which is not what I am looking for in a hobby. Gotta know your limitations. Kiting is relatively inexpensive enough to get into, so maybe 6 months a year down the line, $150 for an all around good kite and some accessories and I'm back in the game, with a better understanding of what it takes for this hobby. 

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Ah man. That's too bad. 

Ya know, we've all made our mistakes to get where we are today. I'm sure there's plenty members that can attest to that. The damage can be repaired very easily I'm sure.

As for the birthday gift, I'm not here to preach to you but, I've never gotten rid of a birthday gift I received. There was some thought that was put into that process. Just sayin'.

As for the wind, kiting isn't an everyday event unless you live on a beach and even then there's days where there's no wind or too much of it as well. 

As far as flying around people, pick a different place!!!

Where abouts are you? Maybe look into a local flying group. I'm sure there's plenty in the area.

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I just looked up where you're at! You're right on the beach for crying out loud!! LOL!!! 

I think you should start a post on here and see who chimes in for your area. I'm sure you'd get some great pointers.

Also, look into meetup.com and see if there's kiting groups through there too. Heck, try Craigslist too!!

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Make your way over to LBI on the first weekend of October. There will be plenty of people there to help you get those kites flying ! Kiting is definitely a lesson in patience, but so worth it !


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I have to concur with these guys Jason. Give it more time. I can top your story though. I live in Northeastern Texas. There's a LOT of difference in wind from my area to yours on the coast in Jersey. You have more of an opportunity to fly than most. I have to really watch the weather and pick my days to fly, which hampers me from ever becoming a really good flyer. There have been days that I've been totally frustrated with the fact that I have no wind. And like you, I've been frustrated enough to give it up but the good times in flying have out weighed the bad. 

I've hooked up with flyers in DAKO (Dallas Area Kite Organization) and have developed some nice friendships from that. Practice makes perfect and you have the opportunity where you live to practically go out almost everyday and practice. From one frustrated (at times) flyer to another..... give it more time. 



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Hey WW..... All I've seen are the outer bands and a little rain so far. However, Harvey (or the remnants of Harvey) will be moving into my area tomorrow and all next week. My son lives in San Antonio and all they've gotten is overcast skies and some rain. No flooding.

Hoping I could get some wind to fly with before the rain hits, but it's been still where I am. They're predicting up to 10 inches of rain in my area for the coming week up till next Saturday.


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I stand by my original advice


@JaseRicco Keep both kites you have for now and explore their ranges and capabilities in your hands.. That's what really matters, what does the kite do in your hands.  Only when you know everything each kite is capable of, then you can make a the personal decision to keep or sell. You may prefer one over the other in different ways than others who own the same sails.. You'll also gain the insight into what you need to cover other winds ranges we speak of.. If the kite feels like you can't keep it aloft in 3-4 then after adjusting your technique and practicing under those conditions you can select a kite more suited to those conditions. As your skills increase, your abilities with kites near the edge of their range (and in some cases even outside their stated range) become second nature to you.. We've given you the reason we have so many or pack so light.. What lines we prefer and even what styles we use.. the bottom line is your question is a personal question that only you can adequately answer for yourself.

The bigger the hurry to answer the question, the higher likelihood of spending more money than required short term on additional kites that may overlap the capabilities of what you already own.  Take your time, learn everything you can about your kites and then decide what YOU want to do next with additional kites, lines or selling kites that"overlap" too much...

We all enjoy flying and collecting as said above. They can co-exist but their purpose doesn't necessarily overlap..Enjoy the kite, enjoy the wind, and enjoy deciding what's truly best for you.. There is no substitute for time spent holding the lines and/or handles. Shortcuts and attempted shortcuts often just cost more in the long run..

There is no kite that does it all and no substitute time at the handles.. Keep what you have and learn whenever/wherever you can.. The day it"clicks" will make it all worthwhile.. Don't rush it.. it will happen..

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Guys in the Midwest, here in the Chicago area (Windy City is a reference to politics, not weather -- yes, seriously), and in 99.9% of all areas inland would likely sell their souls to the devil to have the kind of wind you have on the coast.

Unless you are selling the kites so you can put food on the table, you should hang on to them for a bit. There is a bit of frustration early on in the learning curve, especially if you are flying alone and there is no one to give you a hand. This will pass. You are VERY close to that first "Aha!" moment when everything begins to click.

Summer is the time when most people are outdoors. There's three other seasons when they are less inclined to be outside. You will find that the crowds begin disappearing in September, or at least drastically thinning out.

I have followed your progress here on the forum with interest, and can see that you are on the verge of having kite flying become truly enjoyable. I can only hope that you hang in there just a bit longer. We've never met, but I feel as if I'm losing a friend.

I wish you luck in all your endeavors, no matter what they be. In all that you do, have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.

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Unless there are some other non kiting reasons that we don't know of (and they can be very real/good) this decision sounds a bit premature.

1. The time so far spent on kiting here is less than it typically takes to learn one trick.
2. CA-glue, Tedlar tape and some carbon spare tubes get you through the first time.
3. Remember:
   Whatever you try, whatever you do -
   There is always someone on YouTube that is better than you.
   99.9% of all human beings need to accept this.

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