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KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical


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10 minutes ago, Paul LaMasters said:

I'm in and

on an allowance,...

my bride would be thrilled to open a kite box and NOT find an invoice.  I'd love a single skin new Rev


You're only after the French Bridle -- you can't fool me! :lol:

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12 hours ago, Daougie said:

I'm In! If this kite is the wall flower of your kite bag I'd love to see what else you have in it.🤠

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A lot of what I have is home-made or massively modified and this is the only one I really haven't pulled out of the bag since 2014. I'm not a collector, so if I don't intend to fly it I don't need it.

1 Rev SLE, blk/red, modded to reduce weight

1 Rev Phantom, blk, modded to reduce weight

1 Rev B-Pro, Std Sail, blk/red/gry/wht

1   "       "      Midvent         "         "

1   "       "      Fullvent         "         "

1   "       "      Xtravent        "         "

1 Rev Zen, partial color pattern match to B-Pros

1 Rev NYM, Std, red/blk/gry/wht

1 Rev Spiro, Rainbow Radical  victim of karma drawing

1 Rev Spiro, custom red/wht on blk, bungees/bridle/endcaps modded to SUL

1 Rev II, teal/blu, curved logo

1 Rev Indoor, red/wht vintage

1 Rev Supersonic, std, rubine/blk

1 Rev Super Blast 2-4, red/wht with clear Mylar panels

1 Home-made Rev-like, std, red/wht (see my avatar), high aspect ratio

1 Home-made Rev-like, oversized SUL, wht/grn/pur, low aspect ratio

1 Home-made Rev-like, XUL (extreme UL), red/wht/blu, high aspect ratio

1 Home-made Rev-like, oversized XUL, wht, three upright spars, dual curve TE

1 Home-made Side-by-side parallelogram quad, red/wht/blu, bowed cross-spar

1 Home-made Synergy-like quad, blk/wht/red, low aspect ratio, bowed cross-spar

1 Home-made Spirit-like quad, wht, with flapping wings

2 Home-made Rev-like, XUL, increased sail area, 1.5 frame, belt-loop LE sleeve, both builds still in progress

1 NTK SkySong Cool, blu/dbl/wht, modded to quad

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Drum roll, please.......





                                                                                           :lol::lol::lol:Ha, Ha, Ha -- scared you all, didn't I?

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