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SOLD! FS: Prism zephyr


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Prism Zephyr for sale, I have had a string of bad luck after only flying it a handful of times and need it off my hands. 

The first day out with this kite out of nowhere a dog appears and decides to play with it (image 2) -- patched with small piece of tedlar on the back

The week after it had a little run in with my car and both leading edges have been replaced( I think this was payback for not flying it)

Note there seems to be slight sail staining (it came from the factory this way)


For the reasonable price of 120 you can have all this shipped to your door.




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Dang!  I'd been all over this if I did not already have two Z's.  Even though my "collection", ah hoard, includes some really desirable high end dualies I still fly my Z's.  Just returned from a long vacation & one of my trusty Zephyrs rode along with me just in case the wind was somewhat light.  Turned out I had stronger winds & flew a slightly stronger Prism E2 instead.  But ever since I got my first Zephyr five years ago, I have not gotten to the point where I am tired of it. 

Still smilin' when flyin' the Z, SHBKF

my first good dualie, a keeper for sure


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21 hours ago, Fragpie said:

I purchased this kite from mwp today, and am happy to report a positive experience

Congratulations @Fragpie . The Zephyr is a very capable kite. If you are new to kiting you need to know that it is a kite that you can grow into as you learn. It's like buying a Ferrari and expecting to be able to drive like a Ferrari the first time you get in it. Ain't gonna happen. You must first learn how it handles in different situations. It is the same with the Zephyr. You will be able to fly it, of course, just don't expect it to make you a pro on day one. As you spend more time flying it you will appreciate its capabilities more and more. It will slightly frustrate you at times, but don't give up on it. In time you will love it.

If you can already do Jacob's Ladders, then ignore everything I just said, except the word "congratulations".

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