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WTB: Revolution power blast 4-8

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Don't know how many PB 4-8's are loose in the wild but I suspect not too many.  A few years ago I was concerned that they might stop making them.  I made it a priority to try to acquire a new one.  My chance came when I was offered a gift of my own choosing by the company I was working for as a reward for many years service.  They were somewhat startled when I requested a kite.  Here's a picture of mine one day when I leaned it against the Cruze & the wind pinned it to the car.  Kind of makes the scale of a four meter sail more imaginable.


Years before my second Revolution kite chosen was this PB 2-4.  I had some kind of illusion that it would possibly be a suitable light wind kite... not hardly.  The big one has a 12' leading edge.  This smaller one is a mere 10' long.


Both are huge kites & not for the timid flyer.  The PB 2-4 flies somewhat like it's conventional cousin, the Rev 1.  But I would humbly say the Big One, the PB 4-8, is in a class of it's own.  You will be using larger control movements & the "Archer's Stance" quite a bit.  You might be unknowingly gritting your teeth when the power locks in & you lean back with your arms stretched out in front of you, your knees bent, feet scrambling to manage the massive power in even light winds, great fun.  I am keeping mine.  SHBKF

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I am looking for the bigger one. Thank you so much for the info and pictures. My son and I have also desired to try building some single skins as well. I will keep in touch. Thanx again for everything.

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