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Unfortunately I was unable to attend the first day of the Carolina Kite Festival due to a family emergency.  The second day was canceled because of the weather (rain and high winds).  However, I was able to get to the kite shop before the festival and see what the featured guests and kitebuilders, Ray Wong and Randy Tom, had brought with them.  And I just had to put a new kite in my bag.  This is the Warrior Princess Edo that Randy Tom made this year.  It flies beautifully and looks so striking in the sky. (I did get to the flying fields for about 30 minutes late Saturday.)  

I also got to spend some time talking to Ray and Randy about kite building, applique techniques and air brushing.  Learned a lot in just a short time.



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Wow! Sweet kite.  Did he zigzag over black fabric to make the outlines for his appliqué, or is it just black zig zag?

Very impressive image.



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