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over 2 dozen kites for sale


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4 hours ago, Deb said:

The revised list is now available at: 

Thank you all.



Helping my dad sell kites to reduce his collection. Many are new or nearly new. 

The two pictures are of the list. Prices are TBD. Inquiries and requests for pictures welcome.

No longer available: #1-5 (Beetles), #6-7 (Illusion 2000), #15 (Yin Yang), #28 (Wren).

In process: #33-34 (Mirage). Working on price for interested party to respond.

Only one E2 will be sold (#11 or 12) and only one Fanatic will be sold (#13 or 14).


IMG-3749 cropped.jpg

IMG-3748 cropped.jpg

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I believe I've worked through all the interested replies to this topic. I will update the sale list to remove all the kites no longer available, and repost in a new topic. Thank you, everyone, for your interest and help in working through the questions.

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