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B-Series MID Package (12/25/17)

John Barresi

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We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way.

B-Series MID, roughly a $350 value and no longer manufactured by Revolution as of 2017!

And please note, this might be the last B-Series we're able to give away as the prize pool has gotten pretty thin.


This package includes a sail, 3 and 4 wrap frames, adjustable handles, DVD and kite sleeve!

NOTE: Primary color of the kite in this drawing is RED, black and white on a MID-VENT SAIL... This is regular (factory) model, it is not a Pro by Bazzer, but will still provide excellent flying for whoever wins this.

You can sign up here.

Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/353, and will be drawn on Christmas Day, Dec 25th, 2017!

Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin!

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This image shows one missing kite.

At the time this drawing was announced:
After being informed by lady luck (by closely observing the leaves in a cup of tea:)) it is my sad responsibility to inform other optimistic contenders that winning the mid vent unfortunately is out of the the question (Sorry folks!). You see, this mid vent already got a home between my only other two framed QLKs, my std and full vent 1.5 B-series. You may say that that the colours won't match - I say it doesn't matter, we are all brothers and sisters. None of them will be "more equal" than the other. The outcome is obvious! We stand together (me, my std and full vent) and join hands/bungees. We shall overcome!!!

Winning this price will also help to overcome potential problems when tape patching the full vent to become a mid vent during wet conditions. I'd also like to try to make a QLK stack.

And several weeks passed... :
The above hand/bungee joining ritual worked! A miracle! A mid vent appeared out of a box from a German kite shop!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Santa!

Everything is fine - hope that the kite drawing kite goes to a good home and receives a lot of attention!

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1 hour ago, Exult said:

Where is the trash talk? Where are the self confident speeches of glorious victory I may ask? :) Proper (non-heartless) taunting in the right amount at the right time and place is a fine art!:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8yjNbcKkNY     (Monty Python - French taunting)



On 11/10/2017 at 10:11 PM, riffclown said:

This one is mine!!!!

I called it first, There's no real reason to argue with me.. ;)

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It's the day after Christmas and all through the house, are boxes and wrapping all strewn about. But something is missing no doubt - a long triangular shaped tube! 

Let the clamor begin, the crowd with a shout - JB has our kite, he needs to let it get out!


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