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Designing and making my own desk

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So I've had a small kidney shaped glass top desk for several years. It's been functional but quickly became a catch all due to lack of any storage. I outgrew its functionality year ago and even had to construct a small table in back to support my monitor stand. I've wanted to replace it but never found a desk that truly met my needs with any sort of form or fashion..

Recently,  I was given some wooden and metal cubicle furniture parts that were being disposed of and used the parts to make several items. I was able to pick through the pile and determine the parts I wanted as long as I carted them away.  I had enough materials to make 2 DVD racks that can hold just over 700 DVDs each.. The DVD Racks are made out of 6 overhead storage bins..

Over the weekend I built my new desk. The shelves on my desk are made out of the storage bin doors and end pieces.. The only piece still functioning as its original purpose is the desktop. I raised the entire top by 3.5 inches and made a keyboard tray large enough to hold keyboard and mouse. There's also hidden storage and wiring feeds.. All in all,  I'm pretty pleased with the results

Now here's the kicker, I was able to accomplish all of this without sawing a single board. I merely redesigned and fitted the fixtures to meet my needs like a 3D puzzle. My only monetary investment was 200 1.5" wood screws to hold my designs together.

I'll also be making a few sets of additional shelves and a drop leaf section to my desk for sewing. I'm turning my 8' x 8' work area into a functional work space and music studio..




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