New 19 foot USA Delta by Premier

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19 ft. Delta Kite - Patriotic
(MAP: $650.00, MSRP: $682.50)

These 19' Deltas are real show stoppers. These huge kites develop tremendous pull and should only be handled by a responsible adult. Framed with sturdy hollow fiberglass, these gigantic sails launch smoothly and gain altitude gracefully.

Fantastic flyers and really nice when adding tubular tails on the center strut and wind tips.

I have 4 and only 1 has been flown a couple of times.
I would think $250.00 each would be fair.


19Delta_Premier_CenterStrut.jpg 19Delta_Premier_CrossStrutPocket.jpg 19Delta_Premier_KeelAttPoint.jpg

19Delta_Premier_LabelFr.jpg 19Delta_Premier_LabelBk.jpg 19Delta_Premier_Bagged.jpg

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Deleted replicate post that didn't have pictures.
Nice kites, good luck with sale.

In between Heaven and Earth, there are kites.

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