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Frontier Kite 6 PK of Peter Powell replicas.

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Had these made by Frontier Kites when PP's were no longer easily available.  The dyhedril is identical along with the foot support for the center strut.  The sales are in new condition and I have 3 to 4 sets that I am in the process of inspecting.  I will list them separately in coming days.

Asking $175.00 + shipping OBO 
Sorry but no tails.

Pink/Black photo coming soon.  4 x 6 pks available once inspected.


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    • By Deb
      Helping my dad sell kites to reduce his collection. Many are new or nearly new. 
      The two pictures are of the list. Prices are TBD. Inquiries and requests for pictures welcome.
      No longer available: #1-5 (Beetles), #6-7 (Illusion 2000), #15 (Yin Yang), #28 (Wren).
      In process: #33-34 (Mirage). Working on price for interested party to respond.
      Only one E2 will be sold (#11 or 12) and only one Fanatic will be sold (#13 or 14).

    • By bbailey49
      My very first ever 2-line kite was a rainbow colored diamond (with a massively long tail) from spectra star. I loved flying that kite right up until its $10.99 value caught up to it and pieces started breaking. At the Treasure Island Kite Festival in January I saw someone flying a 3-stack (red, white, and blue) of diamond stunters with great long tails and I was reminded of my early kite flying days. Silly me, I was too overcome with being in the middle of my first festival and enjoying the vibes of being around all these kite fliers that I never took the time to find the person who was flying them and ask what they were. I thought it would be cool to maybe get one (or a stack, crowds love the stacks) to be able to capture some of that nostalgic feeling of my first stunt kite. I think I finally found out what they were. http://www.peterpowellkites.co.uk/shop/
      According to their website Peter Powell Kites has been around since the mid '70's. Has anyone flown these? Got any stories or guidance to help out a perspective buyer?
      - I'm posting this in the general sport kite, but if it belongs in the kite models - dual line thread feel free to move it, JB.
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