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Looking for any Flexifoil skytiger 18,26,40 or Hi series. Willing to pay asking price or trade for nice vintage 4m Quadrafoil Q series with line set. Please contact me via forum or email: dogstarman13@gmail.com. Thanks!


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    • By LUCONTV
      Hey there,

      Looking for----
      Elliot Mirage XXL, the 12 foot wing...
      Elliot Jet Stream Strong
      Prism Prophecy 
      Flexifoil Super 10, & Hyper 12, 14, 16, 20 Series

      Thanks so much...
      Blue Skies

    • By LUCONTV
      Hey there,

      Seeking some vintage powerkites, reposting from my earlier post...
      Elliot Mirage XXL, the 12 foot wing.Prism Prophecy 
      Flexifoil Super 10, & Hyper 12, 14, 16, 20 Series

      Please email me directly..

      Los Angeles, California

      Thanks so much.
      Blue Skies
    • By Cltmte
      I just found this forum as I am in the process of shrinking my toy collection as I age. Started collecting and flying in the mid nineties.  I haven't flown in quite awhile and want to find a home for my kites. I have:
      1) a Big Easy MEFM with original sleeve, original short and long top spreader and instruction sheets that came with it.  Fabric is in great shape. Bridle and rigging in good shape as well.
      2) Revolution 2 with original handles.  No fabric or rigging issues. In very good shape
      3) L'il ZDX. A signed and numbered edition of a very speedy flyer by R Kites.  Adjustable bridle and sail with two sets of lower spreaders. Again fabric, rigging and bridle in very good shape. No fabric wear. Little bit of rub on nose where reinforced. Original instruction sheet and sleeve included
      4) 6' FLEXIFOIL. Instruction sheet. All fabric is good. A little discoloration on metal joined for main spar but no one sees it
      5) miscellaneous items as shown - kite bag, Habu single line fighter with tail and instructions, 2 sleeve repair kits, mesh wind break for kite, strap dual line handles.  String sets with winders as shown - these are not new strings but are in good shape - dual line 100' / 50lbs, dual line 85' / 150lbs, quad lines 75' / 80 lbs, quad lines 37' / 80lbs.
      Not shown is a basic single line kits and a dual line basic trainer.
      Prefer not to break up the collection into multiple shipping.  Kite bag with all items shipped to you for $375.  PM with any questions.

    • By John Barresi
      Classic ‪‎freestyle‬ video featuring Andy Preston, Paul Latham, Carl Robertshaw and others flying the Stranger‬, ‪Psycho‬ and ‪Matrix‬ ‪kites‬ from ‪Flexifoil‬...
      Three parts:

    • By --Pete
      Me, leaning back into a 10' Flexifoil. Flying with a 6' spruce flying bar and 500# braided Kevlar.
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