SOLD ON EBAY - Used Original 80's Vintage Sutton 252 Flo Form

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“This was my 1st Sutton 252 Flo Form purchased new in 1986. It certainly got flown and was used primarily to lift our CTW 95 ft. spinsocks and more.  There is one tear (repairable) on one of the inside vents. (see photo) and it has been in storage for more than 25 years.  There is some discoloration and signs of usage, but this gentle giant will fly as new when you get it.”   

Asking $350.00 OBO or FREE if one of my CTW 95 foot Spinsocks is purchased at the same time for the asking price please.

252_ Sutton_Old_2.jpg252_ Sutton_Old_UnderSide_2.jpg252_ Sutton_Old_UnderSide_3.jpg252_ Sutton_Old_Drogue_2.jpg252_ Sutton_Old_Bagged.jpg252_ Sutton_Old_BaggingUp.jpg252_ Sutton_Old_Tear.jpg252_ Sutton_Old_Drogue_Bridle.jpgGiantSpinsock_252_Pkg_2.jpg

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