80's 4' Flexifoil 12 Stack in great shape

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What power this stack has.  I prefer to keep the train in tact as the link lines are all in great shape and the sails are perfect.  I do have individual bags for each kite and will consider breaking it up.

Asking $100.00/kite or $600.00 + shipping for the entire train of 12.

Pix Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZjDsR0LWKBgEOfF13

Flexifoil_4_Train of 12.jpgFlexifoil_4_Train of 12_2.jpgFlexifoil_4_SerNum.jpgFlexifoil_4_Train of 12_BridleL.jpgFlexifoil_4_Train of 12_BridleR.jpgFlexifoil_4_Train of 12_BridleL.jpgFlexifoil_4_Label.jpg

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