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Kaiju - coming soon!

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We shipped 21 kites in the last two days, another similar batch going out tomorrow... 75 in all, 11 countries, so humbling and cool! I’m thinking about doing a Kaiju video contest maybe 3-4 weeks

This kite is going to remain assembled for some time.  At five feet tip to tip I will be able to easily carry it fully assembled in any vehicle with the lines attached , ready for action.  The materia

Here's a picture of mine getting ready to lift off in the front yard.  My first ever attempt at one hand flying a dualie.  Short lines are going to make taking a picture a bit problematic.  Notice our

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Really rated for 0-3 mph, can handle a bit more at variable speeds but it is really designed as a short line indoor / urban type kite.

Lines are on little Dacron finger loops (just thicker line), I find them easier for transitioning from 1 to 2 hands, etc. :)

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We’re happy to report the Kaiju should be available sometime in mid to late February. 🤘


Unless someone wants a custom order, main color options will likely be white/blue, white/purple, black/red and black/lime, target retail price is $115.

FYI: Pre-sales should open in early January... We’ll likely serial number the first 50 kites to go out, so stay tuned! 🙂

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FYI, looks like 29 Kaiju are already spoken for in the serial number batch of 50, going quick! If you want to get on the RSVP list, send me a message with your choice of color and preferred email address, will follow up to process orders in January and looking to ship in February. ;)

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When swinging the Kaiju around you gliderlike in circles with the handles in one hand (like in "Kaiju at the park" above at 0:35), does it feel stable? Is controlling the circle path an issue or does it come naturally? Any need for controlling the kite here by using the handles by angling the hand holding the handles/straps/line-loops?

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Surprisingly easy with a few attempts.

I do simultaneously steer, so while one hand is "staking" or bending the lines, the other hand has the left loop on ring finger and right loop on thumb, steering by angling my hand, all the while being able to give / take that same steering hand to control even more line tension (sail loading), there is definitely some added leverage like rope on a pulley. :) 

The key to full control is to blend our understanding of a 2-line sport kite with that of a fighter kite.

Slack increases rotation, tension increases drive and tracking, and a whole scale in-between.

Add to that, some ability to "lead" the kite where you want by the direction your "bend" hand is moving, similar to guiding the nose with an indoor glider or indeed, a fighter kite.

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That's kind of what I was thinking about when I asked if you had the "handles" connected, but I see what you're saying now.

Just thinking out loud here, but what about a small bar? Similar to a power kite, but a small one-handed one with just enough length to have adequate steering input. 

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  • John Barresi changed the title to Kaiju - coming soon!

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