And The Collection Grows

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I've been adding to my Quad line collection again.  This time an older Rev, a screen print Rev and an older vintage quad line.  At some point in time they will all be flown.  Most probably at festivals next year.  They deserve an audience.  


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Cool beans! 

I built a quad similar to the dragon quite a few years ago. In certain conditions it will "flap" its wings. Feels weird and its a bit unsettling at first, but once you get used to it it's fun. I don't know if you can get the dragon to do it, but if you play with the tension on the cross-spar you may be able to make it flap.

The tiger print is sweet.

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I had one of his originals for a decade, it would fly from 2 to over 20 mph because you could adjust the amount of tension on the legs of the dragon.

 In low wind you can snug 'em up tightly in line with the rest of the sail,  in bigger wind you can lean the legs way backwards and dump massive amounts of sail pressure.  

My first novice quad-lined competition I borrowed Smithy's music, signed-up on site and flew 1st using a Beautiful Evil Show kite...... and won!

Rob Semblast acquired it from me,... number sixty something, I believe


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