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Looking to release with a minimum of standard, mid and vented - two more tiers of venting planned as well. That being said - I flew my standard prototype today in up to 13mph with a P100 frame if

Djinn MV (mid vent) in 5-7mph, still some design tweaks to make but close enough to give you our best tease yet. This clip is real-time with no speed adjustment, we just ran it through a Prisma filter

Fly in the grey, mix it all together, makes each discipline all the richer for contrast and correlation. 😎

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8 hours ago, Deke Haid said:

This is MY child. STD vent.


8 hours ago, Deke Haid said:

Meant standard. No vent

I also reacted first against “STD vent” (instantly), but thinking of it, I think it is a better description than “No vent”, since you do have a long vented strip along the leading edge. On Kiteforge it is just called “ST (standard)”. There is however at least one commercially available framed QLK without vents: Rev Indoor - no vents there, not even along the LE. (Sorry if/when pointing out obvious stuff)

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