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3 minutes ago, Mike Klaiber said:

Maybe we can spend some time during the week teaching some basic sewing skills. Make a Kite week emoji106.png

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You saying I need to bring my machine to Corolla?? (I've kind of thought about doing that but honestly, if you want that environment then sit with Eliot for an afternoon.. You'll learn more than I can teach in a week.

He isn't greedy with his skills and will provide pointers that WILL make you a better kite maker.

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look at the stitching from Ron Gibian and then compare it to your own,... do see the difference? Ever examined a kite by Lam Hoac?  OH MY GOD his QC level is unbelievable!

Examine the alignment of Bazzer or Shooks kite panels,... see their level of expertise applied at every point?

I used to make kites too, I made 'em better than REV, but that pales in comparison to a master kite builder such as listed above. I don't even effect my own repairs anymore, my expectations are that tough to reach.  I want it built "my way" and I'm happy to have less kites overall just so the few I do own are to my design parameters EVEN if they cost extra and I have to wait.

Ken McNeill created sport kites with a cantenary cut, (affixing a curved edge to a straight edge thereby creating a 3 dimensional shape) without framing. DECADES AGO!

There's so many greats you can take ideas from!  That's why festivals are so good. you can learn from everyone there if you've checked your own ego at the entrance and are willing to listen carefully!

Here's a piece of advise I share frequently with new pilots.... "take the best and dump the rest!"  It means you will hear lots of advise and opinions, but you don't have to use any of it unless you feel it personally benefits you.  See something cool?  Make it your own, go ask how and what's necessary to effect it. It could a flying technique or a builder's trick.  You're under no obligation to follow anyone's advise though.  Experiment and make your own style from what you're kept.  Dump everything you don't want and never look back, your opinion is the only one that truly matters.

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I realize I'm not the craftsman that some people are and I endeavor to learn every time I try something new.. While I've have purchased kites made by master craftsmen, the one thing I can't say about those sails is "I designed and made this all by myself."  While I endeavor to learn from others every chance I get, I also seem to be a person people ask questions about how to do certain things as well. You see when they see a brand on a kite they kind of know where it came from.. I've had TONS of conversations based on "did you make that yourself??" My kites are more than kites. They are ambassadors into kiting, kite making and conversation starters in general. While I try very hard to be a good mentor on kiting and kite making.. I also defer to those that know more and try to learn everything I can from them as well. I'm not afraid to say I don't know.  I endeavor always to be a good steward of the attention someone afford to me whether it be on the forums, the kite field or the sewing machine.

I've sat for long periods of time learning from Eliot, I look with the discerning eye at every kite I buy and every kite I make.. Even Eliot will tell you, you can't beat the QC on the Freileins.. I have 6 and can't find a single stitch anywhere out of place.  One thing Eliot has never said to me is, "You should let someone else do the sewing and just have better kites." He has sat down with me and showed me finer point of how to do what I enjoy doing better. Can I buy a better kite than I can make?? Sure.. I get a huge amount of personal joy saying,  "I designed and made this all by myself." or "I made this out of Kite Tails"  The Sewing machine is one way I unwind after all day staring at computer screens.

I really appreciate your inputs on things like talking with Dave or buying pre-made LE's from Eliot but I prefer to succeed or fail on my own merits while learning from those better than me how to not make those little mistakes. Can I make a Kite better than Bazzer?? I doubt it.. Better than Freilein,, very doubtful.. Can I make a better kite than Rev?? Maybe not but I have color choices, Frame choices and accessories I like better without having to learn the secret handshake..

My kites don't compete.  I still fly solely for fun. They have to look good from 30ft (or more) away.. I don't notice the stitching errors from there. The bottom line is I prefer to make my own, bad stitches, little mistakes and all. The one vital question I want to ask myself and answer yes every time is. Did I make this kite better than my last one??  I doubt I'll ever consider myself a master builder or flyer. I don't want to stop learning long enough to make that decision.

Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate the input.. I really like doing it this way..

I started here Duct Tape and all Mesh1.jpg before I ever owned or flew a Rev..


15 Home made kites later I'm here 20180115_101644.jpgQuickTest.jpg

loving every minute spent flying, designing and sewing my own imperfect stuff.


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