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My first attempts at indoor

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Found a nice little place in a nice little town to practice and learn indoor dual line. After an hour of trail and error, I started to get the hang of it. Can't wait to go back again! Here's a video of my progress today. I just felt like sharing. 


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Looks like you are doing well.  When I was first learning I was taught to try to back around the center circle of the court.  I end up doing smaller circles (as most people do).  I love getting out and flying indoor.  It's a lot of fun.  Keep it up.

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Thanks everyone! I will try to keep a more centered area next time and work on getting comfortable doing more of the basic maneuvers. I'm not sure if a different kite would be better at this time or not. I bought this kite (Airwave Zero) for light wind and even though it CAN do indoor, I think it may be better suited outdoors. In your more experienced opinions, what would you suggest? Should I stick to learning with this kite or get a new one that was designed for indoor use only? I would like to eventually be able to trick with it and indoor ballet is I think where my primary goals are at. Whatever would make learning easier as I'm teaching myself from online info and from watching videos. I have a birthday coming up in April so a new kite can be arranged. 😁

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Where is the indoor king, John barresi when we need him.  

I think moving backwards in a circle (which you were doing in the end) vs straight back.  Everybody moves differently both in walking and arm movement.  I tend to keep my arms in too much not allowing me arm space to pull and accelerate the kite out of a stall.  

The indoor kites I have played around with are home made garbage bag kites (2 patterns) i-flites, i-naks, darts, revs(freilin and watty works).  They are all fun and provide challenges to work on.  


Also the kites set up can change how it flies.  Sometimes changing the bridal slightly to adjust how the kite angles into the  (AoA, angle of attack) can effect it's flight characteristics.  Some people set up their quad kites with this in mind.

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I had thought I had it adjusted all the way out but I think I found another adjustment point on the bridle after looking at it again. Going to try that out next time. Looks like hangs more flat after changing that point so in theory it should be better.

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Play with the adjustments. It will definitely have one "sweet spot" that will allow minimum effort. From that point you can tip the nose back a touch to make it trick more easily once you get the hang of tricking indoors. And yes, a dedicated indoor kite is sooooooo much easier.

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The secondary adjustment points? I've not yet seen this on any of my other kites. There's the typical ones near the nose and that's on the last knot setting (nose out). But I noticed this knot. I had it on the inner setting as shown in the first picture. New setting in the second. When I just let it dangle, there is a definite change in the way it lays and it looks like the new setting will be much better for indoor. Been eyeballing John's Kaiju though I must admit, even if I don't "need" it.



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