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Kitebuilders.com. I haven't used the sight much. Still learning to sew. There's a ton of info . Kiteplans will give your imagination a run too. Want to build a competitive speed kite and would be stoked to place 19th out of 20. Might as well dream big right. There are some really good posts on GWTW. Look long enough you'll start seeing folks on 2 or all 3 forums. At GWTW search for Steve Tapp. He had the ability to put into words the joy these kite makers share in their craft. Very fun, informative and inspirational reads. The last of his kites over this past week have gone  to new homes all over the world. People were stoked to get them. Esinger put up a picture of one a few days ago. If I can get 1/2 as good as some of those folks  over there I'd  have a really good shot at 15th LOL. The only thing these forums haven't given me is the kick in the pants to make my 1st cuts in the rip stop. Must of spread out and measured the fabrics 50 times.

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Figure out what you want to do and just build it.. Don't be afraid to experiment and recognize that some things might not work the first or even second time..  Figure out what makes a kite fly and use those things to steer your creations..  Be creative and enjoy. Pick a plan you can build and go from there..

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On 2/22/2018 at 8:08 PM, Beardcakes said:


I want to win (something) in a local kite contest. I have never made a kite other than diamond, tetra in my life. I own some nice kites, but am absolutely stumped at making one. Where do I begin? Any suggestions? It has to me made by me.



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Which state do you live in? There are many kite-making workshops across the country, and they're usually held between February and May. Google should be helpful in finding the one nearest to you.

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