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Playing with Diamonds in the dark...fabrics


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202 panels on this one half so far..More soon...Yes,  I know there are wrinkles in the Poly.. This is about learning more about offset and area loss due to seams.. Panels shrunk almost a full 6" in width and just about 3" in height.. due to the 1/4" overlap on the diamond pattern.. It's not perfect but I like where it's going.. .



Midnight Diamond Rush.jpg

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Both panels are basted to this point now.. I'd say I have about 6 hours of work in it so far with just cutting, piecing and basting..One other thing I'm HOPING to address on this sail is making the center section stay in pattern with a smooth-ish transition between sides. Ultimate goal is to have the pattern repeat across the entire surface of the kite..

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Seamless pattern isn't happening.. While it is possible, I considered two factors in this decision.. First, the poly definitely has a dark side and a lighter side.. front and back varies between Charcoal Navy Blue and Black..  Second, because of the pattern and the way I create it, I'd have to offset an entire row which would lose about two inches of sail from the top of one side and the same from the bottom of the other side.. Not willing to throw that much effort into the waste bin.. A simple Diamond of royal in the middle will hopefully tie this thing together.


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Panels are sewn.. Because of the panel's area loss from all the seams I ended up adding a solid wedge across the top. Deciding on LE and will be ready for flight this weekend.. Will edge bind in blue or black. LE will most likely be white or maybe red if I have enough left. I don't have enough black for a leading edge at this time.

Before anyone suggests it, I don't think I want to cover the LE in the same pattern or either of the two colors.. Kite is"busy" enough already and I'm using what I have. I may reconsider but that how I feel at the moment..


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Great job there. Certainly more patience than I've got.

Mind you, I don't have a single day in the year that I cant go outside and work.:)

There is a bit more ripstop there than a normal sail, by adding the double sided tape stitch lines, what is your final weight compared to your other kites?  Does it really add that much to it?

Keep em coming.:D

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Ready to fly.. Used red LE, Black accents and edge binding.. Bridles are also red..  Went with a vertical stripe of the poly in the middle to bring the sides together, hard inserts for the bottoms of the verticals as well hard inserts for the ends of the Leading Edge..  Hopefully will get to fly it in the near future..


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