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@Breezin    Stack distances vary widely based on kite type. Single/Dual/Quad.  There are many rules and we've all heard 2/3rds and 3/4th as well as other wisdoms.. The only real rule is it can't be so tight that it interferes with the airflow of the kite behind it and it can't be so long the the stack loses cohesion.



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That's the site where I gained a wee bit of understanding in how you folks stack. Should have clarified myself better.For noobs like myself wanting to understand stacking pretty good place to start.The 1 thing that has remained pretty constant over the last few months is the more I learn the more I need to learn. Seeing the videos and pics of singles, dual lines and quads is pretty amazing. Winds over 15 again today. Spring winds are here. If I could watch someone put together a 3 stack of Fazers and fly in these winds for an hour I'd grill them whatever they wanted. I still have trouble putting one together in 15 plus . Fixing to do it again though :cat_biggrin:.

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