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UK Indoor Clinic (Aug 29, 2018)

John Barresi

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Add on indoor clinic prior to the UK Quad Clinic, 4:30p to 9:30p, registration is $30 for 5 HOURS of indoor access and instruction with John Barresi and Josh Mitcheson covering all types of kites including single, dual and quad line.

Indoor instruction examples - http://kiteforge.com/help

Sign up link - http://kitelife.com/forum/store/product/78-uk-indoor-clinic-aug-29-2018/


  1. @Flintfootfilly (Sarah)
  2. @FlyingHigh (Gavin)
  3. @Simon Cooper
  4. @sra7913 (Soren)
  5. @Gekko (Per)
  6. @drdante (Dan)
  7. Louse MJ
  8. @Stephen Sunderland
  9. @JWharton
  10. Diana M
  11. @Neil Lover
  12. @bluesign2k
  13. Caroline S
  14. @Caller Stephen
  15. Alice M
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Sorry, John, I can't get past those security pgotos to confirm I am not a robot and buy a ticket for Caroline. Have tried many times yesterday and today.

I have told Caroline I have been unsuccessful, and said I would ask you if there is any other way she can book a place.

Any ideas, please?

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