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6 hours ago, Twin Roses said:

but rather walking in and giving slack when faced with a potential crash.  Science-wise, that totally makes sense, but I'm sure my instinct will be to pull.  Thanks for the heads-up on that one, will try to get that ingrained

One thing I found helpful was to walk toward the kite when the nose was pointing down. When flying shapes, this slows the kite down. You'll be walking toward the kite a lot- slides, snap stalls, gaining ground in lighter winds, landings(planned and unplanned), and tricks(intentional and unintentional).

I would suggest that you search Youtube for videos on ground recovery. Knowing how to cartwheel will add to your flying time.  

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Remember that if you want to fly together at the same time, you should have identical equipment. Different kites move at different speeds in the same wind and will encompass a different sized wind win

The Quantum and foil will serve the 4 of you well. My 2 cents is go up from the Quantum not down. One person on either end of the kite while learning to stop nose diving will keep every one engaged an

I'm not a big "pull or twist" type, but a thumb pusher! I like to hold my spar as close to the fitting as possible, then use my thumb to push the spar out of the connector. Feels like I have more cont

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