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Relax folks had beans last week. It's kite kind not that kind. Flew the Hydra yesterday and winds went from 1 to 15 the whole time.Should have flown the foil. Now I think I understand the term bumpy winds. Never got my dance on and spent most the time trying snap and slide stalls.Good practice but felt kinda blah. Wind would load and unload sail before I knew it and spent a lot of time regaining control. When I went to take down the kite I realized I had been flying with the red sleeve at kite and red strap in my left hand. No wonder my timing was off :huh:. Yeah if it was that easy most of us wouldn't fly. Got my new Widow Maker Pro std. today. Set the kite up for pics. Had some questions and called K&FT. So excited I could hardly talk. Really!!! Winds were pretty similar today but thankfully Iv'e learned some patience.Did some stalls but mostly just flew.1/2 hour in  winds started gusting  15 mph + and put it away.Flew my foil for awhile and had a good time. Thank goodness it relaunches 95% of the time. Really has helped my precision on the frames zipping that thing around close to the ground. Read the laments of many who have got their new kite only to have to wait for good winds. Sometimes days. Got a little more empathy now and I even got to fly a bit.  Sigh just when I thought I was getting the wind figured out a bit the season changes. Hopefully when fall comes I'll remember most and won't have to learn all over again. Had such a good time on the foil today really thinking the Spiderkite 1.2 is gonna be here sooner then later. It really never will end will it. There are  just way to many cool kites.:single::dual::rev_clockwork:





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So, back about 9 years got flying quads. Bought a Rev 1.5 SLE and was having lots of fun, except on very windy days when control went out the window and I spent most of the time just trying not to crash. Hey, a vented kite will solve that problem, right? Yup, so I bought a Rev Phantom 1.5 vented. Kite arrives, wind stops blowing. For 5+ weeks it stays at zip or at least a lot less than the full vent needed at my level of expertise. Enough to fly the standard sail sometimes, but not the vented. That will teach you patience and frustration in equal doses.

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Finally nice winds this morning. Early running 0 to 3. Got out my PDSUL. First time out since it's first repair. Being a rookie I knew I was going to be hard on that kite. Really lost confidence with it and still don't know what I could have done different.. Hasn't been any winds for it till today and the situation kind of festered. Really thought about selling it and getting a sub $100.00 kite to bang around on. Contacted a couple people a few days ago about it. I am very happy that I kept it. Hey wait a minute, hold the phone. One helped convince me to buy the thing and the other sold it to me !!! After this morning so glad I did. Winds picked up and got to fly the WMP for a couple hours. Wow I don't even no what to say yet except as I hoped it is a lot different than the Hydra. Took a break,winds picked up and flew the Hydra for about an hour or so. It was pretty cool how the winds gradually increased. Winds started hitting steady 18 to 20 and kite and I did well. Went 20 plus and started staying around the sides and top of the window. Feeling pretty pleased until the bumps started coming. Kite lost pressure twice and was rolled to the ground. Wasn't near as bad as last time in this stuff and got the nose turned into the wind belly down pretty quick. Don't think the gusts went over 25 mph but it gave the impression of bellows. Didn't want to stop but I am learning some patience so  I did. Put the kite away and sat there for awhile just enjoying the wind. Until today when winds got to high I left right away bitching all the way to the house and then some. After watching that bellowing type movement, no not billowing and no not bellowing like a Bison. Bellowing like in a forge, I started to finally get some clarity on venting. Very cool day.Gotta love that wind.

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