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Bill Clay

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My friend gave these kites to me today. He got them from a friend who was cleaning out his garage. The first one is an Action Kites Super Sky Dart. It has no stand-offs and has a weird ‘sliding’ bridle, never seen that before. The second one is a Gibson Girl box kite from WWII. It has some holes in it, but it is very cool. Apparently Navy Sailors would use it on life rafts to hoist up a communication antenna to send SOS messages.


What cool kites have you received from friends since you are maybe the only ‘kite person’ they know?





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Good friend.

Just an FYI, the Super Sky Dart did not have a sliding bridle, somehow yours has come undone. The line sliding through the metal clip should be connected to the clip with a larkshead knot approximately 19 1/2 inches from the center T.

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