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    • By John Barresi
      Hi all,
      It's high time Team KiteLife had our own logo...
      To that end, I'm officially opening up a new logo contest and giving away some cool stuff to whoever submits the winner!
      My teammates @Flight Risk (Brett), @mystainedskin (Scott) and @windpoacher (Eli) will also be reviewing and commenting.
      Prizes (goes to one winner):
      5 year KiteLife subscription (new or renewal - $164.75 value) B2 sail (lightly used, no frame - $199 value)
      That's right, over $360 in prizes will go to one lucky winner!
      Guidelines, art ideas:
      Aesthetic style should be sporty, or a little edgy Does not need to resemble the main KiteLife logo Include 4 pilot silhouettes (quad / dual / quad / dual) No actual kites in the art, just pilots, text and... ? Does not need URL in the logo (will add as needed) 1x1 (square/round) or 3x2 proportions (like a business card) 4 color maximum Useful but not required:
      Vector art (like Adobe Illustrator) Both light and dark background versions For some inspiration, you can look at our existing web presence:
      http://teamkitelife.com http://facebook.com/teamkitelife =======
      How to start?  Easy!
      Just upload your design for review here in this topic, can be fancy art or even a photo of a napkin sketch, although "ready to print" type art will naturally get the most attention.
      There is no deadline for this drawing, it will run until we select a winner.
      Thanks in advance, can't wait to see what all you creative folks come up with!  
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