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Decided to give a DIY project a go. I took a tent stake, golf ball and drill and went to town! Took a bit of trial and error but after first ball... Three great stakes! I just need to find (or make) belt holsters for them.


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Is a pocket necessary? I mean I keep my kite stake (when using one) in my right back pocket. I have never hurt myself in this way so I see it as risk free (so far). Any opinions on this? B.t.w. the design looks playful, like three giant pins for sewing.

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I used to carry my stake in my back pocket... Until the day I did an axel with my Rev (arm sweeps past the hip) and literally stabbed my forearm almost 1” deep on the return motion. Ever since, I exclusively carry my stake in a sheathe that hangs from my rear (center) belt loop.

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I have carried stakes in my pocket but worry about exactly that, tripping in sand or obstacle in sand. With the sheath attached to a carabiner it will swing and not be in my way. Thinking of stopping at local fabric shop and looking for 2-3" nylon strap and having my wife sew the sheath.

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I have heard that you will find some golf balls with a liquid in them.   It's kind of a surprise when you drill into them. Hopefully you don't run into those. 

I have made a variety of kite stakes over the past few years. They are fun projects. 

When I ride my buggy I carry mine on the buggy.   When I fly static I shove it through a belt loop on the side, but I've been warned. I was warned on the power kite forum about carrying it on your body.  This picture was someone's else's reason.  files.php?pid=309015&aid=11476

It came from this posting. http://www.powerkiteforum.com/viewthread.php?tid=32044#pid309537

I have found my local fabric stores only have flat webbing (single layer).   I only found the tubular stuff at the REI (mountain outfitters supply). I found that I could cut a piece of polyethylene hose (the clear plastic tube they use for pumps and the like) and put that down the middle of a piece of tubular nylon webbing. It holds the opening wide open and makes the holster a little more rigid so I can scoop up my stake and slip it into the sheath without fiddling with it. 

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You can use just a S-shaped carabiner/key ring that is readily available at hardware stores, convenience stores and even many gas stations. The stakes you made will be fine for grassy fields, but may be too short to hold in sand when you fly at the beach. I make my golf ball stakes 14 to 15 inches long. That length seems to hang well from a biner or a belt loop. Some slide them behind the belt. I have also seen them dangling from the loop on cargo pants on occasion. I do have a custom stake that was gifted to me that came with a sheath and it is my go-to, but when I've got more than one kite set up, the home-made golf ball ones come out of the bag.

Edit: Also the point can be rounded. Even in dry ground something that thin will penetrate. Less chance of injury with a rounded point, especially if fly something with a lot of pull.

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