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    • By John Barresi
      Hi all, just taking a quick second to welcome our newest sponsor - Kites In The Sky!

      http://kitekits.com (formerly http://kitesinthesky.net)
      A long time friend and "kite activist", @Cat Gabrel specializes in kite kits for schools, families and the like, she's also an avid fighter kite flier.
      Be sure to check out their website, thanks!
    • By rachelyin

      if you could give me some feedback/comments about this kite it would be greatly appreciated! i'm a Singaporean student studying design in the Netherlands right now, and one of our assignments is to construct a night kite that incorporates LED lights and an arduino UNO board. 

      Will the centipede kite structure work with the hollow air inflated element? I am not sure if the thin plastic fabric on the outside will prevent the wind from blowing upwards, lifting the centipede kite up. Could you give me some criticism about the structure, and maybe some suggestions? 

      thank you! 
      it would be so helpful :') 

    • By Hoodoo
      I was bored this morning and decided to try and fabricate my own banner pole.


      It's an old tent pole zip tied at the bottom for more support. And the stake is an aluminum tube. On the stake, using a grinder, I formed a sharp edge at the bottom to make it easier to stick in the ground. At some point I may wrap the whole thing in tape or something to make it look a little better. But it works.

      First Class? Coach?...na...I fly kites.
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