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How to do a handle wrap?


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It's something I have only tried a handful of times, but seems very useful at more festivals when I need to set up or break down my kite quickly.


Any tips for the best technique please?


Which way round to hold handles whilst winding?


Straight wrap or figure 8?


How to lock the handles together, and secure the loose end of the lines?


Plenty of chance to practise different techniques this week at Berck!






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I believe John B. has done a nice line management video based on quad lines for a rev.   I have used this concept for revs and quad indoor kites. It works great.  Video below. 

For Power foils I do it differently.   I leave my handles and lines attached to the kite.   Stake the  handles.  Secure the kite to the ground with sand and go back to the handles.   As a right hander,  I hold the two handles aligned and together in my left hand.   I use my right hand to wrap the lines as a straight wrap around the top end of the handles.  When you approach the kite or the end of your lines take several loops around one of the handles to "lock it off" and end it.  On longer lines or thicker lines you sometimes notice a twist happening between you and the kite.   I loop one handle to lock it and then loop both handles the other direction.   This helps take the twists out.  

What ever you do, unwind in a simular fashion to avoid twists and knots.   I.e. Handles in the left hand and unwind lines with the right. 

I do this during the flying season and then at the end of the year I wind to a winder card to allow the foam handles to not be crushed by the lines for as long.

This method can be done on a rev also.  

Good luck. 

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5 hours ago, Flintfootfilly said:

Thanks Eric, but it is the technique for wrapping the lines around the handles (as you walk towards the kite) that I am wanting tips on, rather than wrapping the lines around a winder.

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The bigger body of my primary post starting with "for power foils I do it differently" and continuing all the way down describes how I leave the kite connected and wind the lines around the handles. 

Sorry for the confusion. 

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take the top lines and pinch together, wrap them back and forth between your fingers and the handle foam until you get to the bare spectra.  Bring that up to the top of the handles and pinch in place.

#2. Now grab the bottom lines and marry them with the tops, again folding in the lines back and forth between your fingers and the foam until you get to the bare spectra.  Bring those two lines up to the top of the handles also and pinch all 4 together.

#3.  Now that all four lines are together, begin wrapping all lines around the handle, go from top to within about an inch, wrap around like you were doing an electrical motor, tight, next to each other, trapping the mess of leaders underneath the wraps.  

#4. It doesn't matter if you wrap "over the top" or up from underneath.  When you get w/i in inch of the bottom, reverse directions and go back up again.

#5.  When you get to you starting point, go between the handles and trap everything laid down so far.

#6.  Now go back the original path, but this time REVERSE your winding path. If you went "over the top" then do the opposite this time.

#7.  The secret to success with this handle wrapping method is a stake.  Lay out your lines from a tight stake next use, when they are fully separately and tensioned, all the mess will proceed right to the stake.  Untangle or un-nesting should be slight if you spread out the handles at the flier's end of things.

#8 now attach you kite to the flying lines.

#9 when you are done for the day, wrap you lines directly to the kite around the handles, attach tops to bottoms and snug the last couple of inches (wraps between the handles to lock everything) down for transport.

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 Sarah is more interested in leaving the kite connected but I assume the method is very similar !

There,s a project for you to produce a good clear video, Please !:rolleyes:

I must admit that I never seem to get it right, once ended up with a rats nest that took nearly an hour to sort out.:blue_blush:   

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I had a friend make a special winder that lets you bunjii the handles down, then wind to the kite. He actually put 2 bunjiis on it - one for handles, one for lines. Works great at festivals for clearing the  field fast, then setting it back up to fly for performances. I only uae it as a temporary thing, I like regular winding at the end of the day. These were the basis, my friend expanded on the idea. Never did like the handle wrap myself....

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Check out the video on line management.

Basically with the kite lying on the ground at full line length,

I place handles beside each other lining up ends to same length. Pull top and bottom leaders together towards the back of the padding on the handles and start to wrap the line (I use my right hand on line and left holding handles) wrapping with right hand I put about 10 wraps moving towards end of padding but leaving 1/2 inch or more for completing process later. Once wrapped ten times or so I wrap to the back of the handle with two or three wraps to get back to the starting point. Wrap forward ten or so, back to end and do over till last six inches or so. Wrap till you get about two feet from kite. Disconnect lines from kite and connect to each other with larks head. Now wrap the L and R together until last six inches or so then wrap a couple times around one handle pulling tight and down to secure lines.

It’s easy when you see it once. Video is very helpful. Twists in the lines come out so don’t freak out!

Good luck!

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You're sure you don't mean Handel rap? That's what Google would ask....

...but seriously, just grab a pop can, empty or full. Place the can against the aluminum part of the handles and wind around the can and handles. You do carry rubber bands or velcro strips in your pockets or your kite bag so you can secure them on the can when you're done winding, right? Now you do.

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Thanks guys.

Lots of good ideas for me to try.

I also asked Stephen and Steve from the Flying Squad to show me the other day, and I seem to be doing better with my handle wrapping, and unwrapping, now.

Plenty of chance to practise handle wraps this week during this 9 day festival at Berck, France!

Better get back on the beach.....

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I don't like wrapping onto the foam part of the handles. It leaves impressions in the foam that disappear eventually, but that I find annoying for the hour(s) that they last while I'm holding the handles and flying. I'll wrap onto the handles occasionally, but only if I have no choice. I would rather fly the kite out to the side and park it along an edge or barrier, or somewhere out of the way.

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