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Well, this is a bit embarrasing - being the only one spamming this KAP forum - but it's actually you who don't fly, don't shoot and don't post, so you should be embarrased! ;-)

This is a photo from a KAP session above Strunjan salt pans, Slovenia - the northernmost salt pans in the Mediterranean.

Check the full story at our website! :-)


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I'll respond by saying that our interests differ and the overlap is the word "Kite." FWIW, I think some of us would be interested in seeing your kite and photography rig.. Walk us through how you set up and decide on your intended subjects for the pics. I know I would..

I fly power kites, stunt kites and I even buggy on occasion.. I build kites and even have a few SLK's that I've attached a camera to a few times..  I also design and build kites and have posted videos and picture of kites in some wonderful places and under lots of conditions.. Your KAP work is very nice and shows some great scenery. I follow you post with keen interest in the pics you gather.. Keep up the great work.. Personally, I just prefer the side of the sport where the kite is the focus.

I've even put a camera on my quad a few times. This is a shot of what my kite sees when I'm flying..




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No - I was joking about that :) ... of course the interests differ! (yet this is a KAP sub-forum - and I was just trying to get more people to post) 

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement - and nice pic! (the first KAP we did was a video made with a smarphone on a quad - it was terrible ;))



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During the y2k debates I had a lot of family buying gold in case of a collapse. I always argued that if a collapse were to happen  100 lbs of salt and 10,000 bullets would be worth more than 50 lbs of gold. Gold doesn't help the individual gather, defend or preserve food. Never lost the argument as far as I could tell.The salt pan pics really make me appreciate my refrigerator :). Like this KAP stuff a lot. Although, kites are for TRICKING!! Glad others are not so narrow minded as I LOL.

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