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    • By happysuperbutton
      Hi all
      I'm aware the go-to material for quads like revs are the 3/4oz icarex ripstop nylon.
      But anyone can help with determining the thread count and density of such .75oz ripstop rev sails use? Assuming 1sqm or sqf.
      Thanks much!
    • By crismarc1
      Hello from Spain!
      After years enjoying visiting this forum I would like to present myself.
      I live in Spain and I fly dual and quad line kites, also the Urban ninja single line.
      I´m always trying to learn to improve my skills and Kitelife helps me a lot.
      Thank you very much for your work!!!
      Recently I have bought a wonderful Kymera kite from kiteparts.net.
      I have only fly the kite once and I like it a lot .... but I´m not sure about the tension of the sail.
      I would like to know if is it normal or not that the sail is so loose after the assembly.
      Here I show some little videos of my kite where you can see the sail after the assembly of the kite following the John Barresi tutorial.
      Thank you very very much!!!
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