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Yeah! Yay!!!! Yippeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Now, move away from those trees behind you and try it again. You'll be amazed at the difference. The wind you had there should have made that kite boogie. The trees also make the wind go in different directions at the spot where it reached your kite. A few more times out and it will make more sense and you'll begin choosing your spot to fly and the wind to fly in instinctively, and that will make it really fun.

Smile and don't forget to breathe.

P.S. -- You'll also get the hang of launching solo soon, but bring her with you anyway, and make sure she gets some time on the handles too. Who knows, you may actually be a great cameraman yourself.

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I've done it with no issues. The materials they're made of will deteriorate faster just as everything else does when exposed to heat and light. Keeping them in a cool and dark location will extend the

Thanks for the advice Mak.  "if the wind sucks , don't fly" , that makes alot of sense. I went out with my wife with the foil. The wind was not nearly strong enough .We did get all of the tangles

The name of the game in light or variable winds is continuity of line tension - kites require tension to fly, so using body / arms / hands to keep a constant connection (+ or -) is of capital importan

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