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WTB: Flexifoil Hyper Series, Prophecy, Elliot, Stackers

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Hey there,

Looking for----

Elliot Mirage XXL, the 12 foot wing...

Elliot Jet Stream Strong

Prism Prophecy 
Flexifoil Super 10, & Hyper 12, 14, 16, 20 Series



Thanks so much...

Blue Skies

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 10.06.11 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 10.07.59 AM.png

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    • By Geo
      No repairs or tears. In very good shape.  $500 for the 10 or will sell 2 separate 5 stacks for  $250 each.
    • By Flying Fish
      Hi all
      Looking for a Prism 4D in the older 'yellow' colour in good condition. As I'm UK-based, ideally one in Europe, to avoid high shipping costs and custom charges, but will consider US-based as well if the price is right. 
      Cheers, Lex
    • By dhcostanza
      Recently emptied out my garage and found my old kite collection circa 2001-2003. Have a family now and don’t have the time or access to a good flying location. Listing the prism kites.  Pictures to follow.  Just attempting to gauge interest now. 
      For sale prices on inquiry:
      1-illusion 2k- 2001 39 of 66- black white and purple  includes spoilers  
      1- prism ozone rainbow #2611
      1- prism fanatic red white blue from 2001 after 9/11
      1- prism eclipse grey white green #3210
      1 prism prophecy black and purple #756
    • By Hiett_431
      I'm needing to part a kite or two.  Up first is a like new Prism 4D in with the purple accents.  Kite has a total of about 15 minutes flight time on it.  I just never clicked with it like I thought I might.  Comes with case, line set, handles, storage strap, manual and tag still attached to case.  Asking $75 shipping included to anywhere in U.S.  

    • By plaith
      I'm on the hunt for a few kites to add to my collection. . . 
      Currently looking for the following Prism kites
      Quantum Pro UL,
      Eclipse SUL,
      Illusion SUL
      Illusion 2000 SUL (I2k SUL)
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