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Carl Norman

Replacement Parts

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I keep breaking my Kymera.  Need a lower spreader (non-ferruled) and a standoff.

Is there a "parts list" somewhere or what's the best way to figure out what I need? I'm trying to avoid calling a kite shop every time I need something and just order it on my own.

The standoff mount broke, so I need both the standoff mounting piece and the mini-standoff-spar but don't know the sizes.


As a follow up question, I didn't crash the poor thing, maybe I'm pulling too hard on launch or something? I'm not accustomed to these higher end kites so maybe I'm just a bit too hard on them?

My experience has been mostly with Prisms.


Thanks a ton for the help.


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The Kymera is the same quality as my ITW Hydra. I think my Hydra is really tough and built really well. Iv'e only broke it once and I'm not very good yet.Broke the LS smacking the kite onto it's side in a epic failure resulting from a tip wrap close to the ground. Broke a center tee  on a different kite when launching  with one side of the bridle under the LS. Yanked real hard trying to adjust flight not knowing I had assembled wrong and pop. Broke the LS on a Widow ng and my Zephyr while trying to cascade. Got the lines wrapped around the kite both times, yanked real hard and crack.I still fly just as aggressive but my timing is better and can see when I'm in trouble easier. Now when in doubt on how to get out of a wrap I'm more apt to take the kite into a softer (hopefully) controlled crash instead of cranking on the lines. Iv'e broken 2 other LS that I was in doubt about the other side so replaced the whole thing. Better safe then sorry I figured.I'm assuming you have the screw type connectors. Take a micrometer and measure the width of the broken stand off. You'll have to get a whole rod and cut to size with a tape wrap to keep rod from splintering.  Measure the counter part to the broken one. Some kites with 4 stand offs have 2 different lengths per side. If the stand off won't come out of the connector fairly easy do this.Take the sail connectors apart. Measure from the bottom of the top piece of connector to the top of rod without the end cap. Take the new rod insert into new connector to measure for cut. Some use fine tooth saws. I use a Dremel. I broke the sail connector when replacing a stand off on my Black Dog. Buy a few extra. Around a dollar but a pain in the neck when you don't have them. Shipping will cost as much as a sail connector and a 2 or 3 mil. rod.Fun With Wind will ship for free on orders over $20.00. Jim will help you put together a kit that fits your needs. If the Kymera has Dynamic tubes I don't know if he sells them though. I've gotten my Dynamics from Wind of Change. The stand offs will be a standard carbon rod. I don't think sail connectors get broken often so if you buy a few extra you got a pretty good chance of never using them. Some people will replace them every so often to avoid problems of corrosion. If you live near the ocean or in high humidity something to consider.

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Guest LeeBB

Hello Carl.  Just Call Travis At Into The Wind, Or any of those guys can Help.  I actually Just had Travis Make Me Up a Parts Pkg for the Kymera So I Would Have Spare parts On Hand, It’s like 20 dollars for one of each part that’s prone to break 

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Guest LeeBB

Truly I believe There Glad To Talk To Us And Help anytime, That’s why they Like there Job So Much, they Love to Help.  I’ll mention they Love to talk to because I’ve Been Talking To Them a lot recently 

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      Mars 2018, ITW Kymera  on 25m lines
      The latest trick I'm working on (getting acquainted with?) is the flic flac - I expect it to be a quite long term project. In the light winter winds the Kymera serves me well for this purpose (more reading in http://kitelife.com/forum/blogs/entry/303-different-moods-of-winter-wide-wind-window-tricking-in-light-winter-winds/ ).
      First part of image: A recent (and lately unfortunately a bit rare) prework session. In the sky you can see a sun dog and a faint halo around the sun.
      Second and third part of image: I like the mood of the greenish toned winter. In addition the green themed Kymera goes well along with it. However I can't say  if the reddish or the blueish tone in these two images (from the same session) is the truest one.
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      I have a Kymera dual line kite for sale. It's lime green in color and virtually brand new.  I have two of these but I only need one so I'm letting one go.  It is an amazing kite which easily does all the latest tricks. 
      Sail -  Icarex polyester Frame - Sky Shark P300 carbon Size - 7’-2” x 3’-2”.   Also comes with original 58/36” case and a fixed 15-gram weight on the spine and another one on the tail, plus two extra 5-gram tail weights.    Sells new for $225. This one is almost new and I'm asking $150 including shipping in the states.    Cheers!  

    • By konsman
      Hi, I am in search of a new owner. Since arriving at my current home sometime in Nov of 2016, I have been out flying a few times. During these occasions, I have been flipped, twirled, dragged, flown a little, but mostly crashed. Yeah mainly crashed, not too much fly time. Results of these crashes have caused a few things to break, tear, or get lost. To begin, I have a tear in the center near the tail section. This tear has been taped with kite repair tape. Seems to be holding ok. Next we have had a broken center spreader that has been replaced. Not sure of the brand, but it’s the red/black ones. Another flying occasion, my owner lost my tail weight…again by crashing. The great people at A Wind of Change were nice enough to send me a replacement. My tail weight is now taped on as so my owner will not lose it again. For my last time out….thinking this would be better! You guessed it…another crash. This one was really bad. The replacement center spreader held up nicely, but the center T broke this time. As you can see in the picture, it has not been replaced.
      One time, while out flying, one of the lines broke. I was hoping the other one would break so I could fly away from my owner that couldn’t fly me. Well he managed to get me back down, probably crashed… I don’t remember.
      With my story, comes a ransom note from my owner… Please pay $180 OBO to have me shipped to your home.
      Kymera dual line sport kite – Blue – Condition – almost like new except for:
      Tear that has been taped near tail section.  (Will send black kite material for section replacement)
      Broken Center T (I don’t have this repaired)
      Sky shark center spreader is broken – but have replacements (includes both, broken and new)
      Instruction manual and tag
      Carry bag

    • By Exult
      Afternoon, 6th of May 2017
      Ladugårdsgärdet, forecasted 4-5m/s
      2 x Kymera on 30m 50kg lines
      Ready to roll up into launch position by using a hard wind parking method (the lines/leaders up and around the trailing edge so that the kite can be rolled forward into launch position by pulling the lines). It wasn't always necessary with this type of start, conditions were quite OK today, but was sometimes a bit on the lower side - no tail weights fitted (serves no purpose here anyhow). If you want to apply low wind techniques you need to have both the noses pointing either up or down at the same time. The wind range that I can do do dual DLKs is quite narrow given my current skills. Low wind means that the kites needs to be synchronized as just stated when flying up/down and hard wind well that is just makes the kites move too quickly. Perhaps going to 40m would allow higher wind speeds, since there would be more room to maneuver the kites?
      Most of the time I let the kites go left right in rather synchronized way. Often had them high up in the window, so my neck got a bit sore after a few hours. When doing normal (single) DLK tricking, I'm closer to ground most of the time which doesn't strain your neck. Even though I kept it simple, mainly striving to keep the kites in the air and avoiding the un-planned landings (which worked for some minutes at a time at best) I was quite satisfied.
    • By Exult
      This is to prove that the Aerostar Sano SSL ( http://kitelife.com/forum/gallery/image/5708-aerostar-sano-ssl/ ) is a spitting image of the ITW Hydra through the image ( http://kitelife.com/forum/gallery/image/6185-sail-panel-design-style/ ). Don't you aaabsolutely agree ?
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