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Sewing A Leading Edge Sleeve For Spars?

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Ok, I've been working on a Double French Military Delta/Twin Conyne Delta kite.  I've now got the materials together (or at least enough to get started, I might want a tad smaller diameter spars for the cells (currently at 9mm, thinking of going to 7mm)).  However, I'm a little uncertain as how to do the sleeves for the leading edges, as well as those that are located at the cell/wing and wing/center panel joints.  I'd like to make this kite last for a long while.

My idea is that the material will extend 2.125" or 2.25" beyond the leading edge of the kite.  I'd  fold the material back (back to back) with a .125" or .25" overlap, then fold the pocket over the leading edge and sew it at .75" away from the leading edge (giving myself a .25" seam allowance).  I could sew it down again a little farther out for even more strength.  This seems like the easiest method I can come up with where I don't have to buy some kind of bias tape or any other product.  Am I on to something here? Or is there a better method I'm overlooking?


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