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Stunt Kite Clinic (Aug 11-12, 2018) **canceled**

John Barresi

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Aug 11-12 in Long Beach WA!

Led by veteran pilots Scott Weider, Paul de Bakker and myself, this dual line kite workshop is for beginner though master levels, starting from the ins and outs of your equipment on up through fundamental flight techniques and trick flying - we'll also have a few Prism kites on hand for folks to try their hand at team and "ground play" flying without fear of damaging valuable equipment.

Testimonials - http://tinyurl.com/nnzsmvd

Anything with two strings is welcome including foils, stacks with tails and delta stunt kites - the purpose of this workshop is first and foremost to help you maximize the kites you have, and the way you like to fly... During the weekend, we'll cover a whole range of dual line topics that interrelate.

Sign up here - https://kitelife.com/forum/store/product/92-stunt-kite-clinic-aug-11-12-2018/

Registration is $125 per person ($100 for KiteLife Subscribers) and includes full access to two days of instruction from 10am-4pm on both Saturday and Sunday... We only have room for 16 students, please RSVP if you plan to participate.

RSVP so far:

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This is an excellent opportunity for folks from our last stunt kite clinic to "level up" the information they absorbed in June, as well as to receive the key tips they need to perfect whatever tricks they added to their repertoire in the meantime... We will still do the "stunt kite 101" for first time attendees or those who wish to experience it again, but we'll also keep at least one master instructor available during that timeframe (either Scott Weider or Paul de Bakker) to assist folks who would rather get right to flight exercises, we'll also try to incorporate more opportunities for group example and exercises in the interest of improving the learning experience for everyone, as well as a bit more scheduling (so we all know a bit more what to expect). ;)

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Apologies in advance, this clinic has been canceled due to lack of sign ups - that being said, Scott Weider, Paul de Bakker and myself look forward to planning the same type of event later this year or early next. As always, big thanks to all who showed interest, we’ll see you somewhere, the learning never stops! ;)

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