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Inverted Kip to 2 point landing

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cool beans

best to doubly reinforce the center Vee, that's technique is way more demanding than an extensive flick-flak practice session

the point is "a reversed pull back towards yourself from inverted hover and a 180 degree rotational turn to an upright landing?

Are the sails' sides (or halves) supposed to be separated or parallel to each other when executed perfectly?

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That V has a lot of reinforcement, per your earlier advice.. It's reinforced underneath the Trailing edge and doublestitched.

In all honesty,  I found this move from failed flic flac practice.. It's under rotating one side on the "flic"  which give you the windmill action that everyone dreads.. But firming up the grip gives you the half turn and landing sometimes.. Most of the time I end in a fade OR I fail to exit the spin in time.. I say right now this move for me is still in the realm of luck BUT I'm working on it..


The point is as you described, but there's also a cool 3 beat to it that works well with some music selections

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5 hours ago, Paul LaMasters said:

sound like a new thing, or is it just a screwed-up half Axel into clam shell roll-up?,.... Weider has that patented 

Intentionally bowtie, let the bowtied kite make one spin, recover from bowtie, land. Very tricky timing on that spin to recovery move. Takes a lot of figuring out how to best recover from the bowtie. Really beats up the sail. I spent some time trying to make it look good, minus the landing. Still very sloppy. Haven't really put any time into it lately.

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New Video of the Kip Landing.   Kite is a Shook 135%  Started the move a bit higher than usual since it isn't my kite.



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